Smart solutions for educational institutions

Education is About Sharing Information.

Administration is about managing information – admissions records, registrar information, financial aid documents, as well as billing, payroll, and numerous other back-office processes.

Kyocera helps schools, school systems, and institutions of higher learning manage their documents and data efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. We have significant experience navigating the budget-approval process, meeting both the strategic needs of departmental and administrative heads, and adhering to the protocols required by procurement.

Streamline Virtually All Document-Related Processes

Seamless integration with existing CMS and IT architecture

  • Connect with Gmail, Google Cloud, and more

  • Automated printing, grading, and analysis of bubble tests

  • Print from Mac & PC, tablet, and mobile iOS & Android devices

  • Bring-Your-Own-Device capability through Kyocera Mobile Print

Control Access, Control Costs

User-specific access to network, database, and functionality

  • Control color-printing capabilities

  • Charge-back for all print, copy, fax, and scan functions

  • Separate access for educators, administrators, and students